We are an organization that is obsessed with designing form.

Here at Anurag Sapkota, the kind of work that we do is towards research in form finding. We employ the use of  3d modeling softwares for design.


Excellence in form is what we aspire to achieve and this obsession of form of ours has been reflected in these collection of Jewelry.

With true passion in heart while designing, the products made here are for the people who  appreciate beautiful form.


Pranjali Sharma - Jewelry Model - Model

Anurag Sapkota

Anurag Sapkota





Anurag Sapkota is a designer who hails form Gangtok, Sikkim.He has earned a degree in Architecture from Mumbai University and a Masters degree in Architecture in computational design from Pune University, where he specialized in Parametric designing. His obsessive obsession with form led to him building up an organization dedicated to design


"We aspire to  work towards  creating beautiful forms through research."   - Anurag Sapkota


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